Antibiotic free ethanol production

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Melio Peptide Systems Inc. is an industrial biotechnology company developing an embedded, anti-microbial technology to replace antibiotic use in large-scale industrial ethanol production.

Antibiotic replacement technology for the fuel ethanol industry

Bacterial contamination is common in industrial ethanol production, lowering process efficiency and leading to economic losses. In order to limit contamination, antibiotics are used prophylactically and are released into the environment and human & animal food-chains, through DDGS, while remaining a costly line item for ethanol refineries. Global awareness and concerns around widespread antibiotic resistance has led to many industrial sectors actively seeking to eliminate or drastically reduce routine antibiotic usage.

Melio Peptide Systems has developed an embedded solution enabling existing bioethanol yeast to produce anti-microbial peptides (AMPs), optimized against lactic acid bacterial contaminants, while maintaining ethanol yield and productivity.

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